Call for papers

“Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature” is an Open Access scientific-methodical publication that publishes articles in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian 4 times a year. The journal publishes original, high-quality scientific articles in the field of humanities all areas of linguistics and literary criticism, studies the Azerbaijani language, also methods of teaching literature, its research and promotion, provides scientific and methodological assistance to teachers of Azerbaijani language and literature. Along with Azerbaijani literature, the journal also includes articles on research and teaching of world literature.

The journal is available to readers in both print and online versions. The online version is published on the website based on Open Access.

“Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature” publishes articles in the following fields:

- Linguistic issues

- Methodology

- Grammar

- Dialectology

- Textology

- Azerbaijani literature

- Turkish language and literature

- World literature

- Children's literature

 - Folk art

 - Publications

Articles are sent to the editorial office by e-mail and website All inquiries regarding the publication of accepted articles are replied at the e-mail address, also in the "Contact" section on the website