The editorial office held a meeting with the authors.

On February 18, 2022 a meeting was held in the editorial office of the journal "Teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature" with a number of authors who actively cooperate with the journal. At the meeting Ismayil Kazimov, associate professor  Bilal Hasanli, Ph.D. Sevinj Aliyeva and BSU doctoral student, as well as employee of the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Aynur Safarli participated. Editor-in-Chief Sehran Safarov informed the authors about the history of the journal, its activity years, the services of the editors-in-chief and well-known linguists-scientists cooperating with the journal.  The creative staff of the editorial office informed the guests in detail about the achievements of the Journal of Azerbaijani Language and Literature” over the past year and the innovations applied in the journal. The authors who took part in the meeting shared their views and opinions with the editorial staff on issues such as the development of the journal, its widespread recognition, increasing the number of readers, as well as a number of interesting proposals. At the end of the meeting, Editor-in-Chief Sehran Safarov accepted the invitation, thanked the authors for attending the meeting and awarded them for active and productive cooperation with the journal.